Published on 08/26/21

Whitefish’s Meals on Wheels program is $500 richer thanks to a pledge from the Whitefish Credit Union to readers signed up at the Whitefish Library’s Summer Reading Challenge. The Credit Union pledged $1 for every row readers completed in their tracking logs up to $500, with money earned earmarked for Whitefish Community Center’s Meals on Wheels delivery.

Adult reader attaching sticker to mural Reader stands next to completed mural

Enthusiastic readers took up the challenge, putting cobblestone stickers on a mural to “Pave the Way” for Meals on Wheels delivery. Before the end of Summer Reading Challenge, readers had earned the entire $500 pledge, placing 1,190 stickers on the mural. Altogether, 263 readers read 4,958 hours. That’s 7 months of reading, day and night! Way to go, Summer Reading Challenge readers!

Mom 38 toddler attach sticker to mural