Warrior Cats (series) by Erin Hunter.

Published on 12/02/22

cat in woods book cover art

Reviewed by Aleksandra Dennis, grade 6, Whitefish Middle School.

Warrior cats, the amazing books by Erin Hunter. This amazing fantasy series always made me smile. The group who made the books, called a collective pseudonym, always made the books in the Warrior cat series very exciting and fun, along with the battle scenes and the danger lurking beneath the clans. They never leave any detail out, and when they do it’s always secretive and fun because you can figure out more about the cats.

I really loved that they told detail about a lot of the cats, even if they weren’t the main character because it let’s readers understand what the characters went through and who they are. I also loved the mystery, and secrets they put in the books.

My favorite characters in the books were honestly Brightheart and Jayfeather because it really describes what they went through and how they solved their problems. They were also the most interesting characters in my opinion because Brightheart went through hard times when she was called Lostface and Jayfeather was blind, however he was a medicine cat and still survived even though he was blind.

The whole entire Warrior cat series always kept me guessing and there was never a part in the books when I wasn’t bored. I love the fact that the chapters sometimes end when something crazy just happened because it just made me want to read more.

I don’t really have a favorite part in the books because all the scenes are good, however I really like the battle, and mysterious scenes in all the books because they brighten my day a lot.