The Raft by Stephanie A. Bodeen.

Published on 12/02/22

Girl on raft in the ocean book cover art

Reviewed by Baylee Ekern-Gonzales, grade 6, Whitefish Middle School.

This adventure fiction book, written by Stephanie A. Bodeen is about a 15-year-old girl and a middle-aged man who got stuck on a raft after a plane crash in the middle of nowhere. It starts with Robie with her aunt in Honolulu, Hawaii, then she decides to go back with her parents. The engine stopped and she was left with the co-pilot, Max. Robie did all of the work while Max was passed out, such as drying the clothes, getting the water out of the raft, looking for guides, and ensuring that Max was ok.

My favorite character is Robie. The reason why I chose Robie is that she is so brave and smart and she knows how to do things correctly, she may not know things, but she know how to take care of Max, collect water, and look for things that will help her take care of herself and Max.

One of my favorite parts is when Robie found the bailer cup and was able to bail the raft and keep it constant. No matter how tired she was, she still did it.

I would recommend this book to everyone 9+ because there are some parts in the book that kids under the age of 9 wouldn’t understand. I would rate this book 5 stars because I love the way it was written and the wording choice.