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Published on 04/08/13


Chris Pavone was a book editor and ghost writer for decades. This is his first novel and what a thriller it is!

Kate Moore and her husband Dexter move to Luxembourg from big time America because Dexter has been offered an extremely lucrative contract from a private bank. Kate had been the main bread winner for five years of their ten year marriage. For the last five years, after the birth of their two sons, she had been scaling down her career when Dexter became the main provider. After much discussion they decided to give the new plan a chance – go to Luxembourg as headquarters, raise their boys and have the money to ski the Alps and weekends in Paris.

This married couple love each other and their children, but they both have life-defining secrets. The truth has never been told about Kate’s real career.

Kate’s secret life in espionage is a huge part of her life and follows her to Europe. She is afraid her past is catching up with her, and Dexter seems to have secrets as well.

This is a sophisticated novel,full of deceit and suspense from the past. Their marriage became more and more complicated and people show up in Europe from their former lives that make this thriller intelligent, stylish and not one you want to put down! This is a work of spy fiction right up there with the best!

John Grisham writes and I quote: ” Smart , clever suspense, skillfully plotted, and a lot of fun to read.”

Chris Pavone did live in Luxembourg as an expat with his family when he wrote this novel. He now lives in New York City with his family. The copyright on this book is by Christopher Pavone – 2012-2013. The publisher is Broadway Paperbacks, a division of Random House, Inc.

Published: BROADWAY PAPERBACKS an imprint of the Crown Publishing Group a division of Random House, Inc.