Ten Thousand Tries by Amy Makechnie

Published on 12/02/22

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Reviewed by Brielle Carr, homeschooler.

My Book Review “Ten Thousand Tries” By: Brielle Carr

Ten Thousand Tries, written by Amy Makechnie, is a very heartwarming story. I would recommend this book to anyone who feels like they are struggling with life, as well as to people who aren’t! The main character Golden dreams of becoming a soccer legend and helping his dad survive his battle with ALS. Goolden then finds out his best friend is about to move and soon things begin to crumble. I think we all sometimes feel everything is going wrong, so it was easy for me to bond with Golden. However, my favorite character is Golden’s best friend Lucy. I think the author did an amazing job developing her character. From her blonde braids to her sweet personality, I would be surprised if anyone didn’t like her! I could never choose a favorite part because I enjoyed it all! This read helped me to expand my taste in books and gave me a new perspective on multiple things. I would love to list them but then I would be giving away the ending * wink *. This is easily one of my favorite books and I hope it becomes one of yours as well!