Schedule Updates

Published on 08/03/22

Our Summer Adventures schedule for Thursday, August 4th appears to be cursed. Over the course of the summer, 3 events scheduled for this date have been cancelled or moved.

Depending on which version of the Summer Adventures schedule you picked up at the library, you may see an Art Project planned, or a “Write Your Memory” program for adults, or Game On!, the game day for elementary & middle schoolers.

Art with Sue Couser was moved to July 14.

Write Your Memory was rescheduled for August 11.

Game On! will skip the August 4 session and return on August 18th.

We apologize for any inconvenience due to these schedule changes! To make you feel better, we’ll share a picture of one of the Summer Reading Challenge prizes, the cuddly and comforting Snoozle the baby dragon. (And we’ll still be open to 10 to 5 to check out books, DVDs, and books and music on CD.) Snoozle the cuddley dragon