Paving the Way for Meals on Wheels

Published on 07/16/21

Our Meals on Wheels road is filling up with cobblestones! Mural with cobblestone stickers attached

Each cobblestone placed on our mural’s road, which leads from Whitefish Community Center to houses representing Meals-on-Wheels participants, means that Whitefish Credit Union will donate $1 to support Meals on Wheels.

For each row that our Summer Reading Challenge readers fill out on their reading log, they receive a cobblestone sticker to place on the road. And they have been packing the road with cobblestones! You can see how close they have are to the $500 mark at the end of the road!

Thanks to Whitefish Credit Union for sponsoring our readers, and thanks to Whitefish Community Center for making this service available in Whitefish!