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Published on 02/06/13


This nonfiction account of John Kennedy’s presidency is filled with information that you don’t expect. It is so well written and documented you have to believe its all true, even though you may have to keep reminding yourself of that fact. There is so much more here than the days before the assassination and the days after it.

The details about the Bay of Pigs and Cuba are fascinating, as well as the on going cold war with the Russians, East Berlin, and Communism. Vietnam and its politics and war are covered in a way that is much clearer than usual. Organized crime in the U,S. enters the picture, and Sinatra’s Rat Pack and Marilyn Monroe.

The portrait of Jackie and their family life is presented with care and Martin Luther King and the movement for true equality is carefully done.

Of course Lee Harvey Osewald and his peculiar life of insecurity and failure in marriage is an eye opener.

More than two million readers have already thrilled to this best seller and to Killing Lincoln as well. It is well documented how Lincoln and his beliefs and presidency led the way for many of our current leaders to study,believe and carry on work of our democracy to this present day.

Camelot was filled with heroism and deceit, but it was unique and certainly not boring. The world figures in this presidency present a picture that keeps the reader turning the pages,smiling and then being horrified with what was going on in so many other parts of the world.

In short, it brought the history of Kennedy’s presidency to life in a remarkable way. The Sources section at the end of the book go chapter by chapter through the entire book – a valuable and important way to summarize things for the reader.

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