August 14, 2021

Create an edible representation of any book you desire (see examples below) and bring it to our 4th Annual Edible Book Contest and Feast.

1:30-2pm: Registration (Open to all ages!)

2-2:30: viewing by the public (Every entry wins a prize!)

2:30: Winners announced and FEAST (Yes, we will be eating your entry!!)

Below: a representation of Louis Sachar’s “Holes” (chocolate cake with holes dug by tiny shovels). Edible version of 8220Holes8221 by Louis Sachar

Below: An edible version of “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” made with crispy rice cereal. Edible version of 8220Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire8221

Below: “Huckleberry Finn” Edible version of 8220Huckleberry Finn8221