A Whole New World in the Children’s Area

Published on 11/06/23

If you haven’t visited the Children’s section of the Library lately, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Youth Services Librarian Gina Schiff has transformed the once lonely corner into a haven for preschoolers and elementary ages with a play cubby and lots of STEM activities to engage young hands and minds.

An ocean-themed felt board, a sensory wall, and a magnetic whiteboard line the walls of the play cubby, with a Lego table to one side. Colorful tubs of building sets (build your own animal!) share space with the board books and puzzles. And there are still plenty of places to cuddle up and read.

Librarians know that providing opportunities for youngsters to explore, discover, and create leads to a broader knowledge of concepts, vocabulary, and self-confidence that themselves are the basis for learning – including learning to read. So bring on the play!

Child plays with the felt board

Children inventing animals with magnetic blocks