Whitefish Library Policies

POLICY 2022. Library Meeting Room.

POLICY 2022. Library Meeting Room. As part of its service the Whitefish Community Library’s Heckathorn Room may be reserved for meetings and activities by non-profit groups.. The following rules have been established to facilitate that service:

1) the room may be reserved by contacting the Library director or staff.

2) only non-profit organizations and governmental entities may reserve the room.

3) organizations cannot use the room for fund-raising activities.

4) organizations cannot reserve the room indefinitely for their meetings and activities. They can use the room for (2) consecutive meeting dates, and then will have to allow other groups the opportunity to reserve the room.

5) every group reserving the room will have to complete a written use agreement and designate a contact person for the scheduled meeting. Additional guidelines and expectations about the use of the room are set out in that written agreement.

6) the Whitefish Community Library and its affiliated groups will always have first priority on the use of the room. Those groups may use the room for fund-raising purposes.

7) the Whitefish Community Library supports the right to assemble and freely discuss all ideas. The Library does not necessarily support every point of view presented by groups using the room nor does it endorse every group that uses its facilities.

8) the Board of Trustees of the Whitefish Community Library may grant exceptions to these rules for individual groups.

Approved by the Whitefish Community Library Board of Trustees on September 8, 2021 Sarah Ericson, Chair

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