Whitefish Library Policies

2019. Donations of Library Materials.

The Whitefish Community Library’s collection of reading and listening materials has been increased and enriched by donations from its users and supporters. Those donations supplement the acquisition budget of the Library, and have made the collection stronger, more diverse, and more interesting.

Because of limited space, however, the Whitefish Community Library has adopted the following guidelines for all book and material donations:

• The decision to accept any donations is solely within the discretion of the director of the Whitefish Community Library or the Library staff.

• Once a donation is accepted, the books and materials become the property of the Whitefish Community Library.

• Many of the donations will become a part of the Library’s collection. Some may not, however, and the decision to add donated items to the Library’s holdings is up to the director or staff of the Library.

• If donated items are not added to the Library’s inventory, every effort will be made to give the materials to other libraries, schools, non-profit organizations or governmental agencies. The donated materials can also be sold, and most of the revenue generated by those sales will be used to purchase additional materials for the Whitefish Community Library.

• The Library will provide a written receipt to the donor when the materials are accepted. The donor will have to determine the value of the donation for tax purposes, however.

Approved by the Whitefish Community Library Board of Trustees on March 10, 2021

Anne Shaw Moran, Chair

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