Whitefish Library Policies

2018. Children and the Library

Children are some of our most important library users. The library has a large collection of picture, early readers, juvenile fiction and non-fiction, young adult books and age-appropriate DVDs, music CDs and audio books available. The library also conducts special programs for children of all ages.

To ensure the library is safe place for children and to respect the rights of all library users the following policy is necessary:

⦁ Children 10 years old or younger should be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or responsible caregiver. ⦁ The parent, guardian or responsible caregiver should ensure that the children in their company are behaving appropriately and are not disrupting the library environment for other users. ⦁ If the parent, guardian, or responsible caregiver is not fulfilling the responsibilities described in the previous paragraph, the library staff may ask them to remove the children from the library. ⦁ At closing, if staff is concerned about the safety and welfare of children, the Whitefish Police Department may be notified. Children older than 10 may use WCL without a parent, guardian or responsible caregiver. Those children will be expected to conduct themselves like adults (Policy 2017. Appropriate Behavior of Library Users).

Approved by Whitefish Community Library Board of Trustees on April 13, 2022.

Sarah Ericson, Chair Date