Whitefish Library Policies


One of the most important services that the Whitefish Community Library offers to its cardholders is the temporary loan of books and materials from other libraries. lf the Whitefish Community Library does not have the reading or listening materials that a library user wants, it will make every effort to find them in other library collections. Most of the requests can be filled by working with the more than 30 libraries in the Montana “Partners” consortium.

lf the Montana consortium does not have the requested materials, the Whitefish Community Library staff will communicate with libraries throughout the United States and even the world. This more extensive search and service is called interlibrary loan.

The following procedures have been adopted to insure that the interlibrary loan service is provided as efficiently as possible, and that the library users are respectful of the materials that are temporarily loaned:

• Library cardholders can only have two (2) active interlibrary loan requests at any one time.

• They can only request the same item twice in any one-year period.

• The lending library will establish the terms of the loan, particularly the due date. That due date will be the day that the materials must be returned to the Whitefish Community Library.

• lf the materials are not returned by the due date, a fine of $1.00 per day will be assessed to the borrowing library patron.

• lf the borrowed materials are never picked up by the library user, the user will have to pay a S5.00 fee.

• The Whitefish Community Library will make every effort to borrow the requested materials from a library that does not charge a fee for the lending service. lf that search fails, the library will consult with the library user before processing a request that comes with a lending fee.

• lf borrowed materials are lost, damaged or destroyed, the policy of the lending library covering such situations will be used to determine the amount of compensation owed by the Whitefish Community Library cardholder.

The Whitefish Community Library has also adopted the following policies when the Library itself lends its materials to another library:

• The library will not charge a fee for its interlibrary loan services.

• lf loaned materials are lost, damaged or destroyed, the Library policy that governs such situations will be used to determine the amount of compensation.

Approved by the Whitefish Community Library Board of Trustees on June 8, 2016

Anne Shaw Moran, Chair

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