Whitefish Library Policies

2011. Library Card Policy

A library card is necessary to check out books and materials from the Whitefish Community Library. The card is free to all library users.

To receive a library card, library users must:

• Fill out an application; • Show a current photo identification; and • Present documentation that establishes their current mailing address. That documentation may include a driver’s license, a property tax, a rental agreement , a utility bill or any other piece of mail addressed to the library user.

Library users under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who can submit the photo identification and address information.

lf any of the information required for a library card is not provided, library users may be issued a temporary card that is valid for three (3) months. Library users may only check out two (2) items at any given time with a temporary card.

A library card will be terminated if it is not used to check out library materials at least once in three years.

Lost library cards can be replaced for a $2.00 fee.

Out of respect for its colleague libraries in the Montana Partnership Consortium, the Whitefish Community Library will not issue a library card to any person whose library privileges have been terminated by one of those partner libraries due to lost of overdue fines.

Approved as amended by Whitefish Community Library Board of Trustees.

Anne Moran, Chair Date: January 8, 2020

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