WCL’s Summer Reading Challenge

Whitefish Community Library holds a Summer Reading Challenge (SRC) each year as an incentive for youth to read during summer months when they are not in school. Reading for pleasure over the summer keeps reading skills up-to-date and helps to develop a life-long habit of reading and learning. In fact, those things are true for all of us at any age.

We include people of all ages in our reading challenge so adults can model the habit of reading to our youngest patrons. They see that the adults in their lives invest their time in reading and see that it is a worthy activity. Here’s how WCL’s Summer Reading Challenge works:

Any one, any age, who reads or is read to, may participate in WCL’s Summer Reading Challenge.

SIGN UP: Sign up at Whitefish Community Library (WCL) to get a Summer Reading Challenge Number beginning June 20, 2022 and start tracking your reading. OR print a PDF of the Reading Log.

Download a 2022 Reading Challenge Log

You will have to come into the library at some point to sign up for a number so that you can enter tickets for prizes.

READ AND TRACK! Keep track of the time you spend listening to or reading BOOKS* on your Summer Reading Challenge Log by coloring or marking off one book icon on the log for:

• 15 minutes of reading if someone reads to you,

• 20 minutes of reading if you read to yourself up to 9 years old,

• 30 minutes of reading up to 12 years old, and

• 1 hour of reading if older than 12. Reading is tracked by coloring the book icon

VISIT THE LIBRARY. After you’ve completed one or more rows of the log, bring it to the library. You’ll receive a ticket to enter for the prize of your choice.

OUR COMMUNITY BUILDER Participate in our Summer Reading Challenge for the books, reading, possibly a prize – and a Whitefish sticker to add to the Whitefish Lake Mural! You’ll be contributing to your community by supporting this year’s Community Builder nonprofit, the Whitefish Lake Institute. Each sticker represents a $1 donation to the Whitefish Lake Institute. Stickers are sponsored by the Whitefish Credit Union up to $500.

LAST DAY TO GET PRIZE TICKETS: Saturday, August 13, 2022 by 3:25 p.m. This will be at the very end of Edible Book Contest. The library will not be open that day due to Huckleberry Days. We will not be able to enter tickets after that date and time.

PRIZE DRAWINGS [AKA “end-of-Challenge Prizes”]: Tuesday, August 17. Winners will be notified that day. There is a limit of 1 PRIZE PER PERSON (This will be the first prize for which your name is drawn.)

*BOOKS = Any format that involves Reading: Fiction or nonfiction books, audiobooks, magazines, comic books, newspapers, and read-along kits. Items do not have to be library items, but must involve READING and may not be below the reader’s reading level.