In 2021, we are starting a new tradition for the Summer Reading Challenge. Rather than the small incentives we used to buy – little plastic toys destined to accumulate under couches or behind bookcases and in landfills, readers will celebrate their progress by mounting up their successes to achieve a meaningful goal. The new tradition is to work together and pool reading achievements to help a local charity.


This year, when you complete a row in your reading log, you’ll receive a ticket to enter the prize drawings as usual. And instead of a small toy, you’ll earn a “cobblestone.” A brown cobblestone The cobblestone is a sticker representing $1 for Whitefish Community Center to help deliver Meals on Wheels throughout the community. Our Pave The Way mural is the place to put your cobblestone sticker. It paves the road that leads from Whitefish Community Center to homes where nutritious, hot meals are Pave The Way mural delivered. You will find the mural on the giant log beam near the library’s check out desk.


Watch the road grow from the Community Center at the bottom of the mural up to the top, where eight colorful homes represent all the places where Meals on Wheels volunteers deliver. Working under the aegis of Flathead County’s Agency on Aging, in 2020 Whitefish Community Center provided just under 10,000 meals to Whitefish residents! Whitefish Community Center


Helping us begin our new tradition, Whitefish Credit Union has pledged to honor each cobblestone sticker placed on the Pave The Way mural with $ donated to Meals on Wheels up to $500. Thank You, WCU! WF Credit Union logo