Whitefish Library Policies

2017. Appropriate Behavior of Library Users

The Whitefish Community Library is a community facility, and its doors are open to everyone. Because of that welcoming attitude, library users are expected to respect the facility and its resources, and to honor the presence of other library users.

Library users should:

• use the Whitefish Community Library for the purposes for which a library is created;
• respect the presence of other library users, and behave in a courteous and safe manner;
• treat the library staff as professionals and be respectful of their time and services;
• recognize that library use is a privilege and not a right.

Although the list is not complete, the following examples of inappropriate behavior may be helpful:

• Holding loud conversations;
• Sleeping in the library;
• Playing video games and viewing pornography on library computers;
• Acting in a rude, obnoxious or threatening manner;
• Stealing library resources;
• Damaging library facilities.

The library staff has complete authority to determine appropriate behavior by library users. In exercising that authority, the staff will honor the legal rights of all library users. lt will also do whatever is legally necessary to protect other library users and library facilities, including removing library users from the premises and/or revoking library privileges.

Reviewed and re-approved as amended by the Whitefish Community Library Board of Trustees on February 13, 2019.

Anne E. Shaw Moran, Chair

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