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Published on 02/27/13



John Rebus is back – Ian Rankin wrote some books recently with new characters, but Rebus has been sorely missed by Rankin readers.

Rebus has retired from the police force where he had been a detective inspector. He is an original with a mind that sees the world with different eyes which allows him to solve cases that everyone else has been confused and stymied by.

Out of boredom Rebus went back to work for Lothian & Borders Police, to help close up cold cases. He had always been interested in them, but as a civilian now he doesn’t have access to all the things he used to. Lost causes are his thing and he never gives up, which always managed to antagonize his bosses!

For years, Nina Hazlitt has been trying to find her daughter, dead or alive, who disappeared. The police gave up years ago, and the cold case department has not been of any help so far.

Two more women have gone missing recently and oddly enough from the same road where Sally Hazlitt was last seen. Its a remote road in Scotland and Rebus can see a connection, but adversaries from his past and present are not helping his investigations.

Rebus is an eccentric man, with his love of music and guitars, the many gigs he has attended over the years and his collection of recordings. He is also addicted to cigarettes and liquor which doesn’t interfere with his investigations. Over the years he has made several friends and admirers who appreciate him and his talents, enjoy his company , and manage to watch his back as well, which is a trick.

Ian Rankin and John Rebus are both Scotsman and the novels mostly take place in Scotland. This novel appears on the 20th anniversary of Rankin’s first American publication.

Michael Connolly said this: “Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rankin ‘n’ Rebus, they just go together and the world wouldn’t be the same without them. It wouldn’t be right without them. Ian Rankin has created a hero for the ages.”

Published: Reagan Arthur Books Little, Brown and Company Hachette Book Group 237 Park Avenue New York, NY 10017 Copyright: © 2012 By John Rebus Limited Reviewed: 02/28/13 – 366 Copyright: © 2013 by Joan G. Smith