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Published on 11/07/12


Maxon and Sunny met when Maxon was 7 and Sunny a bit younger. They were different from other people and immediately liked each other. Sunny had been born in Burma and her father was a strange minister. When her father was killed, Sunny’s mother took her to the USA and Nu her mother’s and housekeeper came along. Sunny had two loving , smart women to raise her and be her family. Maxon had a cruel father, brothers and mother.

Sunny and her family brought love and fun and sense to Maxon’s life. It was inevitable that Maxon and Sunny would eventually marry. Maxon was a genius engineer, on a NASA mission to the moon and programming robots for a new colony. Money was no problem so Sunny decided to have a perfect home, on a perfect street and be normal. They now have a son, Bubber, who is very bright as well. He is also autistic, so the doctors have him on medicine.

Sunny was born bald, but she decides, in her 30’s, to match her perfect house and life, with perfect wigs. It takes having Maxon on his way to the moon, her mother ill in the hospital, being pregnant again and taking Bubber off his medicine to decide to ditch the wigs and be totally herself!

I will close this review with this quote from the fly leaf of this novel: ” A debut of singular power and intelligence.” Shine Shine Shine is a unique love story, an adventure between worlds, and a stunning novel of love, death, and what it means to be human!

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