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2O18. Children and the Library. Library. The Library has a large collection of books and materials for children of all ages. A section of the Library is set aside for its youngest readers, and the Library also conducts special programs for children. of other library users, a few rules regarding children are necessary: guardian or caregiver in attendance. Those minor children will be expected to conduct themselves like all adult users of the Library. lf the Library staff is concerned about the safety and welfare of such minor children, they may contact the Whitefish Police Department for assistance.

o children who are 10-years-old or younger must be accompanied to the Whitefish
      Community Library by a parent, guardian or responsible caregiver;
o that parent, guardian or responsible caregiver should ensure that the children in
    their company are behaving appropriately and not disrupting the Library
environment for other users;
o if the parent guardian or caregiver is not fulfilling the responsibilities described in
     the previous paragraph, the Library staff may ask them to do so. lf they are
     unable or unwilling to do so, the staff may ask that the children be removed
     from the Library
o children under the age of 10 who are not in the company of a parent, guardian
      or responsible caregiver may be turned over to the Whitefish Police Department
     for safekeeping. This practice is especially important if those unattended
     children are at the Library when it closes.
Minors older than 10 years may use the Whitefish Community Library without a parent,

Approved by the Whitefish Community Library Board of Directors on January 13, 2016

Anne Shaw Moran, Chair